Thursday, January 6, 2011


Running nose. Terrible headache. Tooth pain. Cough. Isnt it just perfect to start your semester?

D*mn~ wah bila plak aku start censored perkataan macam ni? haha! Tadi, 6 Jan 2011, start pukul 8pm aku g buka DUP C dan D untuk preparation interview sekretariat baru NRIC 2011. Dah lama tunggu NRIC to start,and this is it.New NRIC on the way.

Dalam pukul 10.30pm, dah start lengang perkarangan DUP. We planned for a dinner together at Gee Tomyam. While waiting for a few last minute candidates (wah,candidates!), lepak-lepak dengan Kak Tini, Amir, Mustakim and Ayie. Suddenly Ayie put something into my jacket's pocket. I took it out. Its a crumpled paper. Small and white. Ape kes letak sampah dlm poket orang ni? I THREW it.
And if he didnt look that suprised, i swear to God i'll never took it back. Luckily i threw it into his bag. Lucky. Just LUCKY! With his look, I knew something was not right. I asked for the so-called rubbish in his bag back ,but he didnt allow.

While waiting for our dinner, i asked Amir to give me his bag. And i searched for the small,tiny ,white crumpled paper. It was hard to find it. It was small. Compactly crumpled until i had to took out all his books from the bag. Snap! Then i found it! And i kept it in my jean's pocket. Read it later, i said~

1.30am, and i was about to sleep. Then lightning striked. Owh, the mysterious crumpled paper in my pocket! Leap up from my bed,i start searching for it. Ahh! Found it! Right pocket. And i un-crumpled it. If the word un-crumpled ever exist~

Its blank. Just a white paper. Gosh,Lin! Paper has two side isnt it? Turn it over!


i love u

No word can describe this. Not even a single word in my 10kg,i-dont-know-how-many-pages Oxford dictionary can describe this.

It isnt lemon scented or anything. It isnt colourful. It isnt written with any fancy,glitter coloured pen. It doesnt has any decoration at all . It isnt beautiful or expensive or etc.
It just a corner of a paper, teared, and crumpled. But the words written on it make it  PRECIOUS.



pikasya said...

wey amir tue ada ati kt muhh ke?

SaYaLiYaNaSaiDi said...

bukan la.haha.

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