Monday, March 7, 2011


This is a very short entry. Reading an article entitled The Top Down Universe in NewScientist magazine, there's a paraghraph about Superpartners. Mainly the article is about quantum world and astronomy. Very interesting although it is quite difficult to understand (ye la sangat Fizik untuk budak ngek macam aku ni).

The writer write:


In string theory,there are a lot of extra particles. Indeed, every kind of elementary particle could have a long-lost twin, called a superpartner. For every kind of matter particle there'd be a matter twin; for every force particles,there'd be a matter twin. Many of these particles, dubbed sparticles, have entertaining names-

Selectron partners Electron.
Squark partners Quark.
Wino partners W-particles ( particle carries weak force).

If the masses of the superpartners were the same as their siblings, though, the vacuum energies of the bosons and fermions would cancel out each other exactly. There would be zero vacuum energy, and zero acceleration. But we already knew that the masses are not equal: their superpartner must be much heavier than their ordinary kin, or else we'd have found them in particle accelerator experiments.

Selalu dengar orang cakap, semua benda diciptakan secara berpasangan. Adam pasangannya Hawa, Langit pasangannya Bumi  dan sebagainya. Bukan dalam dunia makroskopik sahaja malahan dalam dunia mikroskopik berdimensi atom juga punya pasangan tersendiri.

Indahkan dunia Fizik? Even atomic-size particle has it owns partners. Tba-tiba rasa macam sweet je. Haha!

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